Nicolas Perriolat

Birth Date : 15.3.1981
Birth Place : Paris
  • 20 Jun
    Professional Internet Service Provider in Austria, having solutions on Internet and some softwares. You can check domain names also.
  • 20 Jul
    Facebook has a good team who keeps on adding new features thus keeping facebook updated with time. From the privacy point of view, Facebook is quite secured if the privacy policy as stated by the company is followed by everyone. The timeline feature keeps record of all the posts made by a user from opening of the profile.

What is Country Idea?

Country Idea is simply based on websites' distrubutions on countries. We help people to get an idea of which websites are popular in which countries, which nations look for what on internet, general information about the country of any website belongs and many little details. Users can also see which site is more successful in which country by comparing essential data such as Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, etc.

Statistical results

We provide a variety of surveys for our users and save answers to our database. This gives us a unique new statistic of people preferences distributed on countries. We try to collect data in order to understand people better, such as life styles, eating and drinking habbits, thoughts about other countries and other websites belong to other countries.